A graph-based CMS for non-linear, interactive storytelling with a card-based, mobile-friendly UI that preserves history as you navigate complex narratives. [Example story]

Living Los Sures

An expansive documentary project about the Southside neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, featured at the NY Film Festival. A rich, immersive interface for multi-media annotations of a film, shot by shot. [source and source]


MRC-accredited attention metrics technology, an embedded script downloaded 1 billion times a day into the sites of 80% of the top US publishers, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and CNN. Plus dashboards, experiments, and some other stuff.


Winning piece from Art Hack SF and featured at the Creator's Project SF. Turns data sets into meditative audio/visual experiences. [source]

Kanye Zone

A viral game written up by huffpo, mtv, pitchfork, kotaku, and others.


Enables organizations supporting the homeless in San Francisco to create and print custom maps of open resources in the city. [source].